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Part of me had wanted to slam the door in his face because I knew that look. That look meant having a man inside me against my will. That look meant being used at their leisure and mercy.

But today is a new day. Today is teaching time.I was her master; she was my pupil. There were boundaries in that relationship that couldn’t be crossed.

Slinging a towel around my waist, I headed into my suite that was three times the size of Pimlico’s and strolled into my walk-in wardrobe. There, I selected a pair of beige shorts and white t-shirt, slipping my feet into simple flip-flops.My phone said the time was nine a.m., and for the first time since I’d carried Pimlico on board, I wanted to see her. I didn’t want to avoid her because she was too complicated and frustrating. I wanted to work with her to earn another break-through because, Christ, it was rewarding.Pocketing my phone, I left my quarters and headed down a deck to hers. Stupidly, my hand shook a little as I knocked on her door.

She answered promptly as if she’d been waiting for me.Her hair hung over her breasts, wet from her shower, her stomach shadowed with muscle, swiftly returning from emaciated to toned.

When she’d first arrived, I was attracted more to her inner beauty. I didn’t see the beaten slave or bruises, I saw a worthy adversary.

Now, I saw a woman becoming more and more stunning every day. Her body slowly shed its illness and pain, remembering how to fill out in all the best places. Her breasts were fuller, her hips less sharp. With no jewellery or tattoos or makeup, she was the epitome of natural, and shit, she took my breath away.Her chest rose and fell as if she’d heard me, her hair silky and sensual, cascading over her shoulder.

My muscles tensed as she slowly reached up, her hands disappearing beneath her hair to tug at the loose knot holding the sheet.The white cotton fell in a quicksilver cascade, puddling on the deck.

Her eyes met mine, her chin tilted in regal power.Her nakedness wasn’t vulnerability. It was her strength. The one thing she’d claimed as her weapon. She stood before me bare and unyielding and fucking decimated me with how much I wanted her.