The Revenge of Seven (Lorien Legacies #5) The Ghost and the Graveyard (Knight Games #1)

Before her death, Katie and I had talked about this very subject. At the time, I couldnt imagine ever loving another woman with the depth and passion with which I loved her. The subject was uncomfortable and I cut short our conversation, finding it depressing. In retrospect, I wished Id looked beyond the pain of the inevitability of her leaving us and been willing to discuss the future the way shed wanted.

He nods as well. Yeah. Thats when I called her—from the parking lot, I might add—to see if shed care if I wanted to date you, not her. She basically tripped over herself trying to unload me. He laughs. She really does not like me.But you dont like her.

Not at all—I like you.Nothing this romantic has ever happened to me before, ever, never in my life, and I doubt it will again.Im thinking we should get out of here. Im freezing my ass off.

Id like that. I close the space between us, letting my hands brush up his chest. You know what else Id like? Kissing you.He dips his head a few inches so our mouths are a breath apart. Is that so?

I feel like weve waited forever, dont you?

Its really only been a week, Amelia.Three times if you count him going down on me, which I dont because there was no penile penetration.

Elliot and I had sex!Ive been sleepwalking through my day, light as air, my thoughts on one thing: last night. Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm. Then again this morning.

His face between my legs.My face flushes, and if I had a notebook handy, Id be burying my face behind it, cheeks flaming hot. Obviously no one knows whats going on inside my mind right now, but I feel like its stamped on my forehead, tattooed in neon ink: I HAD SEX WITH MY ROOMMATE LAST NIGHT!