She stared at him. Why? Oh, congratulations!

My heart pounded time with the ticking on my watch. Thirty-seven questions to go, and thirteen minutes to do them in.

I raised my hand high, like I was a kid in a classroom. Well, if they were going to call me a child, I’d give them one. Ooh, I know, I know!Salem’s mouth twitched. Then share it with the class.

Well, at first I thought his problem was that he felt you owed him your obedience and respect. But it’s not. I looked at Will. Having authority over people makes you feel good, doesn’t it? It’s a way for you to feel superior to them. The fact that you’ve lost what authority you had over Salem was bad enough. But he also has more than you’ve ever had. And you just can’t stand that.I’d say that I can’t understand why you won’t just put all your personal issues aside and make the most out of the new life you now have here. But I do understand why. I’ve met hypercompetitive people before. They measure themselves against others, against what others have. They never admit defeat, and they’ll do anything to win.You feel like you come up short compared to Salem; it’s something that eats at your pride. And the only way it’ll all feel balanced again – the only way you can help maintain your self-worth – is if you either get what he has…or you make him lose it. You tried the first, but it didn’t work. So now you’re hoping to try the latter. You knew that if everybody turned against me tonight for attacking Gina, Salem would then turn against them. Again, though, your plan failed. I smiled. Bet that rankles.

Blythe tried to pull her mate away. Let’s leave them both with their own idiocy.He shook her off as an ugly smirk darkened his features. If only Ava knew the entire truth about you, Salem. I sincerely doubt she would have such adoration for you if she did. That’s right, I looked into your past. I know it all.

Actually, I doubt that you do. Salem shrugged. Not that it matters. Ava knows everything. You have nothing to hold over my head, Will. No authority over me. If I were you, I’d let all this go. I’d make some attempt to live peacefully here. For your mate’s sake, if nothing else. Or things could get very, very bad for you.

Is that a threat? Will sniggered. You cannot touch me, Salem. I made an agreement with Sam and Jared. Information for –As I gave her a minute to recover, I stripped off my clothes. Looking down at her delicate body as I fisted my cock, I knew there was no way I could avoid hurting her. I was thick and long and painfully hard, and she was so small. Not that she seemed concerned at all – she eyed my cock with greed and curiosity.

When she reached out to touch me, I pinned her hands to the bed. No.If that happened, I’d come there and then. Next time. I stood at the end of the bed and gripped her thighs, dragging her toward me until her ass was hanging off the edge. Tilting her hips, I positioned her to take me. Look at me, Ava. As her gaze locked with mine, I began to slowly sink inside her. So tight. When a hint of pain flickered in her eyes, I paused.

Taking her at her word, I fed her another few inches.Her eyes flashed impatiently when I stopped again. I’m not going to break.