Former Democratic presidential hopeful Yang joins CNN as commentator Factbox: Trump's immigration enforcement lags behind Obama's first term in office

I’m sorry, she said, not sounding sorry at all. But I hated her for what she did to him. To him and Sean.

Closing my eyes for a second, I relished the cool wind on my skin as I reached the cobblestone path and broke into an easy run.What kind of man would I be to settle, though? What would it say to the world if I gave Ashley’s parents all that money, effectively admitting that I was in the wrong? I would look like a murderer, at worst, and an abuser at best.

I couldn’t allow it. My lawyer wanted me to focus on not ruining the company, but having someone at the helm who’d practically admitted to murder would surely ruin the company if the press got wind of it.Which meant I was going to fight.And at the end of it all?

I had to, or it might cost me everything. Including my sweet, precious Emma, and there was no way I was giving up the best thing in my life without a fight. Somehow, I knew—she’d never hurt me, never cheat, never disappoint. Never let me go. I just knew. Or, at least, I prayed it to be true. I wasn’t a religious man, but in that moment, I wanted to be.I was in love with my sexy little librarian, and though it scared the ever-loving fuck out of me, I was determined to find a way to make this all work.

Ever since the words had left her lips, I could see it whenever she looked at me, whenever she touched me. At first, I’d wanted to pull back, but then I realized that what I felt for her was more than just lust too. The more time I spent with her, the more I felt like she was becoming a part of me. Like she was half of something inside me that was only complete when she was near.

I’d never felt that way, not even with Ashley. But even as good as it felt on the one hand, on the other it was like a looming darkness, hovering over me as I waited for it to come to a tragic end.Of course, it is. We’ve had this conversation, Amy.

Well, you’re not exactly falling over yourself to fill me in on things, are you? she said, gesturing with her elbow at me. If you have a girlfriend, don’t you think I should know?No, this wasn’t awkward at all.

Hey, I said. How are you, Amy? I’m not his girlfriend.Right, she said. So. Listen. Thank you for Audrey. We went to Boston on Monday, and she’s good to go for surgery. Me and Sully, we owe you big-time.