Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane #1) Winter Born (Dark-Hunter #0)

I haven’t been a sex addict my whole life, you know. I used to be a druggie who specialized in nodding out in front of the TV. And will you do us both a favor and drop this shit. I’m not going to bang your pure-as-the-driven-snow cousin. She’s not my type.

Ruhn just has to sign them, Saxton explained gently.Sign what? the male said, as he came back into the foyer with Bitty. Oh. Yes, please.

As he spoke, Saxton turned—and did a double take.You haven’t met, have you, Mary said. Saxton, this is Bitty’s uncle, Ruhn. Ruhn, this is Saxton, keeper of all papers, strategist, and all-around great person.Saxton stared at the other male as Ruhn bowed low. Sire.

There was a pause. And then Saxton offered his palm. Please. Just Saxton.Ruhn stared at what was outstretched in confusion. My … ah, my hands are rough.

But of course, Saxton murmured as he dropped his arm. Would you care to review this and give it your signature?

As things got quiet, Mary stepped up. Are you sure you want to—And her forefinger squeezing the trigger—

Elise? Axe said from a distance so far off she could barely hear him. Elise … sweetheart … I’m right behind you.I’m just going to take the gun, ’kay? Let me have the gun—no, don’t turn toward me. Stay where you are.

His hands traveled gently down her arms and carefully released the weapon from her cramped fingers.As soon as it was out of her grip, she turned to him and burst into tears. I tried to save him, the Brother, I tried to—