Okay, he said easily. By Braille it is. Darn straight.

April shrugged at me. How are things up at your place?

Like I had super-Josh-radar, I found him the moment he skated onto the ice. My smile erupted as I heard the arena burst in applause at the team’s arrival. My eyes couldn’t leave Josh.Holy shit, girl, you’ve got it bad.

My smile spread wider, accepting the riot of emotions within me. You have no clue. I loved him. But more than that, I wasn’t just proud of the player out there, I was in awe of the man he’d become. Did you know he got hurt?She nodded her head. Yeah, he was out last year, but I didn’t really talk to him. I mean, he was on campus and at the parties, but it’s not like we ran in the same circles, even living next door. Did he tell you what happened?Rumor is he got shot that fall, but there’s like ten thousand different versions of how it happened.

Shot. Holy shit, he’d been shot? What’s the most popular?I heard everything from stopping a robbery to a pissed-off girlfriend.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum took their seats behind us again. What were the odds? These were the seats Josh had given us . . . Josh. I glanced back at the blondes with a smile. Nice to see you, ladies.

Tweedledee glared at me. Yeah. What’s the deal with you and Walker?I shrugged off my coat and sat on the foot of the bed she and I had shared the last two nights. Malloy told me. He also told me Garrett tries to lowball everyone at first.

Peter stared at the bundles of cash. Wow, I’ve never seen that much money. Is it really twenty grand?I flopped back on the bed, happy not to have to worry about money anymore. Yep.

What are we going to do with it? he asked. You can’t carry around that much cash.We’re going to split it up between the four of us so no one has to carry it all, I informed him. And we’re going to eat something besides burgers and pizza.