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He pushed away, as if horrified with what he’d done. He watched with wide, incredulous eyes as I coughed and rubbed my neck. Phantom fingers lingered around my flesh.

Famous last words, right? How’s that for a jinx? Idiot.I spin her back around and slap both cheeks with one hand. Now get that ass in the shower before I decide to tap it again.

Kate laughs, ’cause she thinks I’m kidding. Only—Right. Duty calls. Kate heads for the bathroom, and I go to spring James from his cage.So that’s how it started. Everything was awesome. We were talking. Laughing. Communicating.

It was like a fairy tale, for Christ’s sake.Did you ever notice how fairy tales all start off great? The beautiful princess, the happy kingdom? Then it all turns to shit. One minute Hansel’s feeling no pain, chomping on a window made of sugar, and the next minute some old hag is trying to shove his ass in an oven.

For any of you out there who still think I’m an unworthy, self-absorbed douche? I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy this.

James’s room is dim. The shades are drawn and the only illumination comes from a Buzz Lightyear night-light in the corner. It’s the mother of all boy’s rooms. Yellow and green? No thanks. The walls are navy and cream, the furniture dark cherrywood. A toddler-size basketball net is against one wall, and a full-size train table against the other. A comfy rocking chair is stationed between two arched windows, with a well-worn copy of Goodnight Moon lying in wait on the seat. Framed pictures of family—and the new Yankee Stadium—hang on the walls. A Metallica poster is taped to the back of the door.Google it, if you don’t believe me.

Most women crave feelings with intercourse—they might not even be able to get off without it.But Delores Warren isn’t most women. She screwed my brains out the first time we went out. Without knowing me well enough to feel anything, except lust. And it was awesome. For both of us. In fact, she seemed to have preferred it that way.

Like I said . . . lust is easy.But the night after Rosaline invaded my apartment, something changes. Shifts.