Listen, I think we need to talk, I began. No doubt about it. I was falling in love.

He tugged at his cravat. I was planning to visit tenants today.

My aunt, he said distractedly.She left you a letter, Cresswell said.

Richard’s eyes snapped back to the butler’s face. My aunt? Or Fleur?Your aunt. I placed it atop your correspondence in your study.I am afraid not, sir.

He was going to bloody well strangle her. Nothing even to pass along? he pressed the butler. A verbal message?Not that I am aware.

Richard took a breath, trying to regain his equilibrium. This was not how he had anticipated their homecoming. He’d thought—Well, in truth he hadn’t really thought of much, except that his sisters would be here, and he would be able to begin the next phase of his plan.

As horrifying as that was.I glanced from my brother to my sister, not sure who was more deserving of my glare. I hardly know her.

Unless you count every year of school from kindergarten to senior year of high school, Duke said.That doesn’t mean I know her, I insisted. She was in my classes, but I can’t say I ever really talked to her.

Charlotte laughed. It’s okay, Luke. This isn’t a trial. Is Dana pretty?I frowned. Why did Charlotte even want to hear about what I thought of another woman? She was leaving and this was all temporary, but on the other hand—