Taken by a Vampire (Vampire Queen #9) Tamed (Tangled #3)

Keelan's smile was sad. "Something like that. When the time comes, don't hesitate. Make sure Aiden leaves."

Your reign is ended, I said to Bâtard.Grégoire pulled his small frame upright and said, All you possess is forfeit. All you owned is mine. I claim all you are and all you have, your titles, your position, your power, your people, your land and holdings. With a single massive swing, he took the head from his sire.

It flew toward Sabina and hit the floor and she picked it up by the hair—now confirmed to me as the official way to carry a severed head—and walked to us, the head dangling and dripping. The body of Grégoire’s enemy and sire slumped flat to the concrete floor.Grégoire knelt before the body of his maker and lifted the vamp’s left little finger. From it he pulled a ring, gold beneath the blood that was drying on it. He slid the ring onto his own finger and even beneath the gore, it was a ring I recognized, a crest ring he often wore.Le Bâtard’s men had taken Grégoire to Arceneau Clan Home. Had this been what they were looking for? What they had retrieved? Was this the official seal of Clan Valois?

Grégoire spread his hand as he studied the ring, and his fangs retracted. His eyes bled back to human. It is mine in truth. I am now Le Valois. Le Orleans.So witnessed, Sabina said. Do you still honor your vow to Leonard Pellissier, Master of the City of New Orleans and surrounding territories?

Grégoire raised his eyes to hers. I do so swear, surrendering any claim to the lands of the Louisiana territory, as purchased by the United States of America.

I bow to Le Valois. Sabina inclined her head. Long live the undead ruler of the court of Charles the Wise.Sascha sighed heavily. "Oh yeah, you'll fit right in. Come on Peeping Tomasina, time to face your mate."

Amelia pointed to her tree branch. "Can you get my bag?" Her colorful tote was propped against the tree trunk, right where she'd left it.When Sascha bent his knees and jumped, Amelia felt her mouth drop open. He had jumped vertically fifteen feet, landed on her branch, snagged her tote bag, and hopped down. She remembered hopping up and down in her kitchen in her old apartment trying to knock down her last box of Pop Tarts. After twenty minutes and two kitchen utensils later, she ended up getting her step stool, which had been five feet away in the closet the whole time.

He handed her the tote bag, and she glared at him. "Tall people suck."Sascha grinned. "You better hope they do." He turned and started walking back.