Hong Kong to extend restrictions on foreign visitors by three months Harbin city shuts eateries, coronavirus curbs ease elsewhere in China

The doctor frowned. I—I’m sorry. I thought this was your ultrasound checkup?

And this library, with its ancient scrolls and leather-bound books, is full of its own kind of magic. The room has a high ceiling spanning several floors, with stairs going up, and tall rolling ladders spread throughout to help access books and scrolls on the highest shelves. It smells of old leather and parchment and magic and mystery. I run my hands over the spines of books I've never seen, never even heard of. Books not written or available in my world. The thought boggles my mind."May I help you?" a deep voice asks.

I spin around, my heart pounding. "I'm sorry, I thought I was alone."Before me stands a tall, lithe man with long white hair and a long white beard. He wears white robes with symbols embroidered into them in silver thread. His face is unlined, though his eyes and hair give the impression of agelessness. And his ears are pointed. He looks different than the Shade. Less vampire and all Fae."You are never alone in here," he says. "This is my domain."

I hold out my hand. "I'm Arianna Spero."He looks at my hand, but does not reach for it. Instead, he bows deeply. "It is an honor to meet you, Princess. I am Kal'Hallen, the Keeper of the Castle, at your service. You may call me Kal. Or Keeper."

"What does a Keeper do?" I ask.

He frowns at my question. "Why, he Keeps, of course."The nuzzling was soft and gentle, his face and nose rubbing on her pelvis, his lips kissing the outside of her cleft.

Just as she was trying to form words, his tongue extended in for a probing lick, the invasion so languorous, she wasn’t spooked at how foreign it was. And then it came back, reentering, taking another taste of her.Falling forward, she put her hands on his shoulders and widened her stance—even as she became impatient with the effort it took to stay standing: She wanted all her concentration to be on him and what he was doing to her. Worrying about balance and coordination—

He solved that problem by lifting her off her feet and laying her down on the fur rug in front of the claw-foot tub.Giving herself up to wherever this would go, she reached her arms over her head and arched her back, her br**sts peaking and casting aside the robe halves, her body revealed to him.