Covet (Fallen Angels #1) Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord (Love By Numbers #2)

Dad, some things are… She sighed. I dont need to tell you everything.

Kirby, no, thats okay. Gemma shook her head. You dont need to do that.Yesterday, while shed been with her sister and Marcy trying to figure out how to break the sirens curse at the bookstore, Kirby had been calling and texting her. Shed turned her phone off so she could focus, but when she finally turned it on, she saw that she had six new texts and two missed calls.

That was when Gemma decided that this had gone far enough. It was one thing to have fun with Kirby to pass the time, it was another thing entirely to actually become involved with him. Penn and Lexi would eventually take notice of him, which could become very dangerous for him.Besides that, she was still in love with Alex, and shed never love Kirby. Not that Kirby would ever love her, either. Whatever he felt for her was probably nothing more than siren-induced infatuation, and she didnt want him getting hurt over imitation emotions like that.So she decided that she needed to end things with him. Unfortunately, shed been so busy trying to figure out where Penn might store a secret scroll that she hadnt thought of exactly how she would break things off with Kirby.

It wouldnt have been so bad if shed been able to make any progress on finding the scroll. Her best ideas so far were to talk to Thea about it or search the sirens house. Penn and Lexi had been home all day, and at rehearsal shed been unable to get Thea alone, since she was always surrounded by the actors in the play.And that left Gemma standing outside the dressing rooms, trying to find a way to let Kirby down gently.

Its really no problem giving you a ride, Kirby said. Youre on my way home.

I know, but I thought Id walk tonight, Gemma said. Its such a nice night.Sartaq nodded, something like relief on his face. But he glanced toward Falkan, watching all from his seat. They are things that should be told privately, Ej.

Not rude, but certainly not warm. Nesryn refrained from echoing the princes sentiment.Houlun waved a hand. Then they may wait. She pointed to the stone bench. Sit.

Falkan shifted, as if hed do them all a favor and go.But Houlun pointed to him in silent warning to remain. I would have you all listen.