Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #1) Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse #10)

Shaking herself, she forced a smile. I’m sorry. What?

I should have known, she said dryly. No Super Eight for the likes of you. And tell me, if I go back to this suite with you, what are we going to do there?His eyes went from her mouth to her breasts to her thighs … and then took their sweet time returning to her face. Whatever we want.

Are you fucking me right now in your mind, Peyton?Back in that fancy hotel room of yours?It’s a suite, not a room. And no. I’m picturing you bent over that sofa right now, your leathers off, my tongue in your sex as you come against my face. Then I fuck you with my cock.

The bolt of electricity that went through her was the good news and the bad news: The last thing she wanted was to feel that way anywhere around someone like him.Nature didn’t care about that shit, though, did it.

Does that turn you on, he drawled.

Maybe. She finished her Scotch, put it aside, and slowly got to her feet. Meeting him right in the eye, because she was as tall as he was, she said, But I have an even better idea.He’s on top! Peyton said.

As Axe cursed, he angled his gun up to the heavens and pumped off more rounds—and then a body was falling on them, a body that leaked black blood and smelled like baby powder and spoiled milk.I’m out! Axe said. And she took that to mean he had no more ammunition.

Someone cursed. More gunshots. Her ankle hurt now, too.And then Peyton fell away. Just dropped off like a blanket falling from the side of a bed.