Ben, we should call Mom and Dad to tell them about this. Why would I have?

Annabel rolled her eyes. ―I suspect my grandmother was behind it."

The giddiness bubbling along inside Annabel died in an instant. ―Lord Newbury," she murmured, dipping into a respectful curtsy. She did not wish to antagonize him; she merely wished to not marry him.―Miss Winslow." His eyes swept across the room before coming back to hers. Annabel noticed that his jaw tightened when he spied Sebastian, but other than that, the only expression on his face was one of satisfaction.

Which naturally made Annabel nervous.―I shall make the announcement now," he told her.―What?" Somehow she managed to make that not come out as a shriek. ―My lord," she said, trying to sound placating, or if not that then at least reasonable, ―surely this is not the time."

―Nonsense," he said dismissively. ―I believe we are all here."―I haven‘t said yes," she ground out.

He turned to her with a withering glare. And then said nothing else, as if nothing else was necessary.

He did not even think her worthy of a response, Annabel fumed. ―Lord Newbury," she said firmly, placing a hand on his arm, ―I forbid you to make an announcement."Do you need something to drink? he asked solicitously.

No. Thank you. What I was trying to say was-you do understand that I am not alone here. I have parents.Yes, he said, not sounding terribly impressed with her argument, it is my understanding that you do. I have never seen them, however. Not here, at any rate.

She frowned, glancing over her shoulder into the hall. I think my mother is still asleep.My point exactly, Harry said.