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I don’t really know what it means. Or what’s happening between us.

Indeed, as he imagined her with another, the lance of pain that went through his chest was sufficient to make him pale. And yet, in spite of the seed of another planted within her body, he would take her, have her, keep her …Opening his eyes, he reviewed all manner of detail about her, from her beautiful upswept hair to her fine, delicate features to that slender neck he wanted under his mouth. There was more to see, of course—but it was her face most of all that he needed foremost in his mind’s eye.

It had been a kind of madness since the beginning with her—e’er since he had been brought to her under the maple in that meadow, e’er since he had been given her wrist and taken from her wellspring, he had been infected with an illness.Answer me one thing. His eyes continued to roam, measuring each nuance of her frightened, frozen expression.What? she prompted when he did not immediately speak.

But for the events that have transpired, would you have e’er offered yourself unto me?She dropped her stare. Tightened her arms about her heart. Hung her head.

Answer me, he said gently. Speak the truth so that we both may hear it aloud.

But what is done is done, and—He had unwittingly volunteered to cross her path.

Staring at the edge of the mist, he braced himself and crossed into the barrier. His skin registered an instant warning, his inner instincts activated by the force field, teased by a rootless feeling of terror. Proceeding forth, his boots crunched through the ground cover, only a slight rise informing him that he was, in fact, beginning the ascent up the mountain.In this moment of triumph, the only place he wanted to be was with the female he could not have.

Generally speaking, if your husband refused to say a word until the pair of you were behind closed doors and alone?As Beth heard the double doors of the study shut behind them, she went over to the banked fire and put her palms out to the heat. She was suddenly feeling very cold … especially as Wrath did not go behind the desk and sit down on his father’s throne.