You never said it. And then it had gone on for too long. ‘Do what?’ Though he knew.

She stared down at him. He was still reclining on the blanket—a blanket! He had a blanket?

―Your friends," Annabel murmured. Her grandmother‘s contemporaries had wanted to marry Lord Newbury. Her grandmother‘s contemporaries had wanted to marry the man who most likely wanted to marry her .―And he‘ll die soon," her grandmother continued. ―You couldn‘t hope for more."

―I think I will have that sherry," Annabel announced.―Annabel," Louisa said with a gasp, giving her a what-are-you-doing glance.Lady Vickers nodded approvingly and poured her a glass. ―Don‘t tell your grandfather," she said, handing it over. ―He doesn‘t approve of spirits for ladies under the age of thirty."

Annabel took a large swallow. It went down her throat in a hot rush, but somehow she didn‘t choke. She‘d never been given sherry at home, at least not before supper. But here, now , she needed fortification.―Lady Vickers," came the voice of the butler, ―you had asked me to remind you when it was time to leave for Mrs. Marston‘s gathering."

―Oh, right," Lady Vickers said, groaning as she rose to her feet. ―She‘s a tedious old windbag, but she does lay a nice table."

Annabel and Louisa stood as their grandmother left the room, and then, as soon as she was gone, they sank back down and Louisa said, ―What happened while I was gone?"My hand moves up and down.

Opening my mouth as wide as I can, I lean forward and take him. As soon as my lips close around him, he shudders and his muscular thighs tremble.Hell yeah, he groans. Just like that.

I continue my work on him and feel myself getting wet. It’s such a turn-on knowing that I’m bringing this big, beautiful man to his knees.Pancake . . . He groans like he’s in pain, and I almost chuckle.