And fuck the consequences. Who happens to be a child of the devil.

‘So, you come here and drop the name of my boss. What do you want me to do?’

Lane made some kind of grunt, which could have meant a lot of things—but most certainly didn’t come close to the Oh, God, I can’t believe you lived through that she was looking for.Excuse me, she snapped. But I was just in jail—

She shrugged. We made bail, and Samuel T. is going to make sure that it stays out of the press—Gin. Her brother looked over at her while shooting them into traffic. We’re in real trouble.Later, oh, so much later, she would remember this moment of their eyes meeting across the car’s interior as the start of the downfall, the tip of the first domino that made all the other ones fall so fast it was not possible to stop the sequence.

What are you talking about? she asked softly. You’re scaring me.The family is in debt. Serious debt.

She rolled her eyes and slashed a hand through the air. Seriously, Lane, I’ve got bigger problems—

And Rosalinda killed herself in the house. Some time in the last two days.Bang, bang, bang. Edward? It’s me—

He cleared his throat. Yes, it’s me. I need to talk to you.When the door eventually opened, Lane saw his grandfather standing before him, not his brother: Edward was so thin that his jeans hung like old-man pants from his hip bones, and he was slightly hunched, as if the pain he’d suffered had permanently shifted his spine toward the fetal position.

He got a grunt in return and some hand motions indicating it was up to him to open the sceen and come inside.Pardon me while I sit back down, Edward said as he made his way over to the chair he’d clearly been in. Standing is not agreeable.