Perfecting Patience (Blow Hole Boys #1.5) Deadly (Pretty Little Liars #14)

He was a god, and I was a demigod. His life was crazy dangerous, and mine wasn’t any safer. In all reality, my life was a heck of a lot more dangerous than his. He was absolute. Meaning only another absolute being could kill him. That was still scary, but there were only two other beings alive that posed any real risk to Seth.

"Where is everyone?" she asked as he walked carefully up the stairs to their room."I dropped Colton off this morning after he was released. He went right back to bed. He said he would be down for dinner. Keelan, Darian and Ryuu have been working with Keelan's brother, Kendrick, via Skype on developing a perimeter spell. Aiden decided to get familiar with his new iMac while Meryn and her trainees played around with some gadgets. The other trainees had the afternoon off and last I heard, collectively decided to catch up on their sleep."

"So it's been a lazy day for everyone then.""Yes. Meryn did make me promise to tell you that she missed you already and to hurry up and get better."Elizabeth smiled. She had missed the little terror, too.

Gavriel opened their bedroom door and closed it behind him. He set her down on her feet and watched her carefully."I'm fine. Adam said I'm completely healed; the blood helped enormously."

"If you're sure."

"I am. Now. I want to see my closet. I have so much to unpack." She looked around. "Where are my boxes?""Byron was chosen to be an Elder right after Adair was born, so about six hundred years before Aiden or for you about thirteen hundred years ago. Anyway. Up until Aiden's birth, Byron held both positions, Unit Commander and Elder. Right before Aiden was born there was controversy that Byron had held the Elder seat for too long and others petitioned to put someone else in charge."

"Sydney told me about that. Adelaide becoming pregnant for the third time made them think Byron was doing a good job." Meryn interjected. Colton nodded."He was able to keep his Elder seat, but with three children at home, he conceded that they needed to appoint a new Unit Commander. Edward Carthage was selected as the best warrior and he became the new Unit Commander. For a while everything went on like normal, but after about fifty years the men began getting disillusioned with their new commander. He would disappear during missions, come back drunk. Wouldn't organize training or keep an eye on the men. After centuries of Byron's fair and efficient leadership the difference between the two was stark." Colton pointed to the bench outside one of the buildings and they sat down.

"When Aiden and I were one hundred years old we were training hard at the academy where Adair could keep an eye on us. Every so often, we would get sent out on patrols to get our feet wet. One night, Aiden was doing a standard night patrol, running the perimeter when a mission came in. Instead of sending Aiden back to the academy Edward decided to use the mission to humiliate Aiden in place of his father. The other Alpha Unit members argued, but Edward pulled rank. The men did the best they could to cover Aiden since he had never been out on a mission before. But they soon realized they didn't need to. He took to it like he was born to it, maybe he was." Colton paused. He leaned back and closed his eyes."The mission was worse than they were led to believe. The unit was up against three ferals, them banding together was unheard of back then. Jean-Marc, Edward's second in command put his foot down and insisted that Aiden stay behind and watch the horses. He didn't want him getting hurt. Edward was supposed to keep their escape route open, but he didn't. He left. Later they found out that he had gone to the local brothel. Aiden heard the men shouting and probably for the first and last time he ignored orders. He ran into the fray and covered the men as they retreated. The entire Alpha Unit was killed that night in the streets except Jean-Marc. Aiden was able to get him to the horses and strap him down. He went back down that alley three more times, fighting against all odds to retrieve the bodies of the other Alpha Unit members. He managed to get the men onto their horses and led them to where the Beta Unit was covering the perimeter of the town to ensure no ferals escaped. He was so badly beaten and bleeding so heavily they didn't think he was going to make it. It would be a couple days before he woke up. I was at his side the entire time. Before Jean-Marc passed away, I heard him report to Byron what had happened. To this day I've never seen Byron so mad. When Edward walked into the infirmary where Aiden was being treated Byron shifted into his third form and attacked. It took Beta, Delta and Gamma to pull Byron off of him."