Are they alive? I squeeze out. I don’t know anything about estate sales.

Suddenly, the dolphin emerged again. It swam close to her board and began slapping the water with its tail fluke aggressively, as if beating a drum in warning. It seemed to work; the shark suddenly veered away and the dolphin submerged again. Carson felt the seconds tick by, clutching her legs, teeth chattering. What was happening? She’d heard that dolphins protected humans from sharks, and she prayed that was happening in this moment.

He said since he can’t get you on your phone, he’s left a message on your office phone and would you please do him the courtesy of returning his call.Thank you, I said, my voice flat even to my ears. I really better get back to Fred.

But I rudely told her I had to go and blew out a shaky breath. I stared at my cell for a minute or two, trying to decide if I was ready to hear his voice. Since I’d spent the entire morning convincing myself that I was ready to face my fears, I really had no option but to dial into my office voice mail.I impatiently waded through the first two messages from clients and then it felt like my heart stopped at the sound of his deep voice. He sounded pissed.Ava, where have you been? I stopped around your flat on Saturday and Sunday … We need tae talk. Call me immediately.

I replayed Caleb’s message. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so much from just hearing someone’s voice. Guessing at why Caleb wanted to see me was too dangerous a game to play, so I refused to allow my mind to go there.I did, however, play the voice mail a second and third time, rubbing at the ache in my chest as his voice rumbled in my ear.

Everything okay? Fred called to me.

No, I thought. No, it’s not okay.Dora had no friends, no lovers, no life. Even her son didn’t want to be with her. What was wrong with her? She clenched the pillow tight with her fists, remembering her breakdown.

Lord help me, I’m so ashamed.Her own meltdown had rivaled Nate’s. Only now, with hindsight, could she see how she’d missed all the signs. It was easy to see now that Nate was not merely annoyed at being told to turn off the game. A meltdown was never just about rage. While she was at the hospital he’d been worried, frightened, lonely, frustrated, and perhaps even sad. Dora’s ultimatum had just delivered the last straw. If she was honest with herself, she didn’t recognize them because all she could see was that Harper had found a way to play with Nate, just as Carson had before her.

Dora knew her sisters were only trying to help. To get to know their nephew better. Part of her was thrilled that they were making the effort. Grateful. Yet, another part of her was jealous to see them playing together. Why didn’t her son want to play with her?She knew that answer. She was the enforcer in her son’s eyes. The rule maker. In contrast, her aunts were fun. Carson swam with dolphins. Harper knew the good games. Her breath hitched in her throat as the truth became obvious. I don’t know how to play with him.