Trump considering North Korea envoy as next ambassador to Russia: source Mystery no more: Spain's ex-king, Juan Carlos, has been in UAE since Aug. 3

No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t leave Vaughn and he couldn’t leave Jasmine. And if Kestrel ever woke up, Jethro owed him a safe home to return to. As much as I wanted to scream and beg, I forced down my weakness. I was on his side—I would do what he asked of me, even if it was the hardest thing I’d ever do.

Only, unlike Jethro, Cut hadn’t been so easily broken.He’d still carried out the Final Debt. He’d killed the woman he was in love with.

My pulse skyrocketed. With shaking hands, I closed the journal and slid it beneath the covers.After the lawyers’ visit, I’d headed to the kitchens and stockpiled food. I didn’t know how often I’d be locked in my room in this new world without Jethro.He’s…not coming back.

I balled my hands, forcing the grief to stay away.No matter how often I thought about him, I always thought of him as alive and only a corridor away.

My brain played tricks on me. Whenever the old Hall creaked, I heard my name whispered in the walls. Whenever the wind whistled and twitched my curtains, I heard him beg for me to find him.

I can’t. Not yet. I have a job to do first.I shook my head. I can’t be a—away for that l—length of ti—time.

Don’t give up on me, Nila.I had to be there to keep her safe. She couldn’t be subjected to more horror—especially at the hands of my bastard father and brother.

My heart squeezed like a fucking lemon, cauterizing my insides with citric acid at the thought of her being so vulnerable and alone.I’m sorry, Mr. Ambrose, but you’re not fit to leave. And you’re under my care until I say you are. Turning his attention to the nurse, he waved her closer. Give me that phone number. We best let the family know he’s awake.