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Milo, are you okay? I asked as he struggled to get a hold of himself.

   Lydia knew she was probably blushing like mad as her friends laughed. She was trying to formulate a reply when Mia came jogging over on her dangerously high heels. I can’t believe I missed the freaking wedding! I told Seth that we needed to fly home last night, but no, he had a last-minute meeting and assured me we’d get home in plenty of time. Well, guess what? Vegas was one big hive of thunderstorm activity and the plane was delayed for hours. For fuck’s sake, look at me. I didn’t even have time to go home and change clothes, she huffed out. Lydia shook her head. Mia might not be quite as well put together as she normally was, but she still looked gorgeous. Now, someone tell me about the ceremony and anything else I missed. We managed to catch Crystal and Mark before they went off to change. Man, she set the bar for brides everywhere. Mark is one lucky bastard.   Suzy grinned and slung an arm over her mini-me. She and Mia had such similar personalities that they were almost clones of each other. I was wondering where you were. Here’s a quick catch-up for you. The ceremony was kickass, the food amazing, and your BFF over there married Jake Hay a few days ago after the bachelorette party. Raising a brow, Suzy asked, Did I miss anything?

   Yet another round of shrieking and rapid-fire questions commenced as Mia alternated between being excited about Lydia’s marriage and pissed that she was the last to know. When she’d finished lecturing Lydia for not calling her immediately, she smacked her lips dramatically and asked, So is he as big as his suit pants would suggest? When he has that jacket unbuttoned, it looks like a monster snake lives in the front of those trousers.   He does have the Jon Hamm cock outline going on, Suzy agreed.   Damn, I totally saw that in Star Magazine. Emma nodded. The man had like an extra arm down the leg of his shorts. They were saying something about him walking his dog, but poor thing, that has to be a workout in itself.

   Claire giggled before asking, Just to be clear, are we talking about Jon Hamm here or Jacob? Oh wait, we’re calling him Jake now, right?   Well, we started off with Jake, but that last part was about our favorite television stud, Mia purred. He has nothing on Lydia’s Jake, though. I love Seth Jackson to pieces, but I’ve stared at Jake’s ass until I feel as if it’s permanently burned into my brain. Fanning herself, she added, I swear, between Seth’s friends and his family, I’m constantly hot and bothered. The Jackson brothers and cousins are in a league all of their own.

   Emma elbowed Lydia in the side with a big smirk on her face. I don’t believe you answered Mia’s question about the size of Jake’s baby maker. There’s not a woman in this room who hasn’t wondered the same thing at some point. He looks fucking phenomenal in that tux tonight.

   Ava, who had been fairly quiet up to that point, rolled her eyes at her future sister-in-law. You are such a pervert. It’s bad enough I have to see you practically mount my brother at the office every day. Must you also know the dick size of every man who works at Danvers? I can barely keep it together in meetings because I know way too much about most of the men who attend them! Certain things about my brothers should have really remained a mystery to me. But nooo, apparently my straitlaced brother, Brant, likes to tie you up and spank you, and Declan likes to do a little mutual self-pleasuring. Then everyone wants to know what the GI Joes are packing in their cargo pants. I ignore the questions as long as I can before I finally break and say, Mac is huge, okay! He’s like a freak of nature or something. Are you happy now? As if realizing what she’d said, Ava clamped a hand over her mouth and her face flooded with color. Oh shit, I can’t believe I said all of that.   For the first time in ages, he felt like a blushing schoolboy. When he was in the office, his mind was on work. He didn’t sit around daydreaming about a woman. To get busted doing just that felt beyond strange. It’s nothing. He shrugged. Just getting things straight in my head for the day.

   He and Mark didn’t really have a touchy-feely relationship; heck, most men didn’t, so he was surprised when his boss came in and settled in a chair in front of his desk. How are things going with the new wife?   Quirking a brow, Jacob asked, Shouldn’t that be a question for you to answer? You’re the newlywed fresh from his honeymoon.

   I am, Mark agreed, looking supremely satisfied. But you tied the knot more suddenly and under rather unusual circumstances. Frankly, I figured you’d have had the marriage annulled by now, or if necessary, been in the process of a divorce. But Crystal tells me that things are going well between you and Lydia. Which I knew anyway since you had no beef with Denny taking over much of the travel here. You once loved living out of a suitcase just as much as I did, so I’m thinking she’s the difference for you.   Are you saying I’m slacking on my job? Jacob asked incredulously. If Denny has complained—