The Darkest Fire (Lords of the Underworld #0.5) Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5)

I looked around at the low-lit room where couples and friends and families enjoyed great-looking meals. If Aidan didn’t cease and desist on this subject, he was going to ruin my appetite. We’re out for a nice meal. Don’t turn it into an interrogation.

Mama will hate me. She will be so mad. There have been other girls in the church that had babies, but they were in high school. I’m just a kid. You think it was the boy and his seed? Not Jesus?Miss Becky. I don’t feel so good. I’m going to puke.

I grab a pillow to catch the vomit and protect the flowered carpet.I go very still. We have nothing ready for the birth! And again I haven’t even listened to the fetal heartbeat.I’ll be right back, honey, I say, hoping to sound calm. I think your baby might come soon and I need to get some things ready for the birth.

Mrs. Wade! Mrs. Goody! I call, running out in the hall. Bring warm water. Bring clean linen and something to wrap the baby in!Behind me in the bedroom there’s a low groan.

When I step back in the room with my bag, Peaches is squatting over the potty. Ughhhh! she groans. No crying now. Just nature taking over.

6-pound, 9-ounce female infant born to Peaches Goody, the daughter of Reverend Goody and Mrs. Goody, after two hours of pushing. Patience wasn’t there, and I had to do the whole delivery by myself from start to finish. Present were Mrs. Goody, Mrs. Wade, and Mrs. Archer.I am! I cried, wanting to rush to him but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t budge. Aidan!

Calm, Nora, I’ve got ye. I glanced over my shoulder to see Jim looking down at the floor. I followed his gaze, terror suffusing me to see skeleton hands had burst through the floor. They had an unearthly grip on my feet, locking me in place.No! I screamed, trying to pull away.

Shhh, Jim hushed me, wrapping his arms around my upper body to pull me against him. Ye cannae leave me, Nora. Ye owe me.I looked over at Aidan to find him glaring at me in hostile disappointment. He lifted a hand and my fear grew as finger by finger, his hand disappeared. Aidan!