Trump will announce decision on immigrant children on Tuesday: White House UK coronavirus cases rise to 1,372, deaths rise to 35- Dept of Health

I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I couldn’t tell you in the beginning because we were just sleeping together, and what I did, marrying Nick…I broke the law. If the authorities found out, then I would face jail, and Nick would be deported.

Child vampires are unstable and volatile. Let one loose for a day, and the whole world would know about vampires, Ezra said. And Mae let her loose in Australia.How did they even find about that? I asked.

Word travels, he shrugged. The Commissioner might’ve mentioned something about the missing child, and it’s common knowledge that Mae has moved out. Vampires have a lot of time on their hands to gossip.The hunters think she did that to attract attention, I said as it dawned on me. And if everyone learned about vampires that way, with the serial killer and a crazy murderous child, humans would be terrified. They’ll want to hunt us down and kill us, and that would give the ‘movement’ of vampires all the ammo they would need to round up the humans and turn them into cattle.Exactly, Ezra said. The hunters are trying to stop that from happening. In this case, they are helping.

But they’re assholes! I yelled and gestured upstairs. They broke into our house, beat us up, threatened our lives! That’s the good guys?Alice, there are no good guys, Ezra said, giving me a hard look. We’re vampires, and no matter what we do or strive for, that fact doesn’t change. We aren’t the good guys.

Yeah, I’m starting to figure that out. I bit my lip and leaned back on the couch.

You’ve been busy figuring out a lot of things lately, Jack said, and I lifted my head to look up at him. His voice stayed even, but he had to fight to keep it that way.Okay, I say, looking back at her. A piña colada would be nice.

It’s not like I have anywhere else to be right now. And a cocktail might be just what I need to take away this aching Vaughn-shaped hole inside my chest.I’ve been lying here, on my sofa, for two hours now, staring at my ceiling.

After Charly left, I came in my house and lay down on the sofa, and I haven’t moved since. Well, if I’m being precise, it’s been more than two hours since she left. It’s been two hours and seventeen minutes.Only she didn’t leave. I sent her away.