One Plus One Beloved Vampire (Vampire Queen #4)

Really…did you now? TV with anyone in particular?

Pfft. Your dad? He furrows his brows, acting perplexed, nose scrunched up like a baffled rabbit. It would be kind of cute—if he werent such a putz.I laugh, right in his face. Oh come off it, Gunderson. Any day now you can quit acting like you dont know Im Coach Donnellys daughter.

He tips his head to the side, staring like Im the confused one here. Anabelle, I have no idea what youre talking about.Im saying, if youre serious about dating me, I should check with my dad, Coach Donnelly, AKA your boss.He clutches his chest. You went out with me knowing I was a wrestler? We have rules about this!

This elicits a big, fat eye roll. Rex, you cant run around calling yourself a wrestler. Youre the team manager, which is basically like being assistant to the regional manager.That was the height of rudeness.

I tsk. How about I mention this to my dad? You wouldnt have a problem with that, would you?

Rex Gunderson glances at me condescendingly, pursing his lips. Anabelle, how old are you?No. I just think youre being too nice.

Disagree. She sticks her forefinger in the air. I sent Eric Johnson to my dads house already, remember? He wont be bothering me again.Haha, very funny. Dont you start with that betting crap.

I was joking. Lighten up.Fine. She relents. It was a decent play on words, though Im not too proud to admit it.