Okay, okay. She sat down and took a drink of his beer. Victor shifted in his chair and ignored his bladder.

Makenna tilted her head, allowing that.

‘You mean from the champagne in the ice bucket, with the white cloth around its neck?’ asked Stephen, looking up from where he lay on Isaac’s chest.‘What’s wrong with doing things properly?’ Isaac murmured, planting a kiss on Stephen’s forehead.

‘I don’t know anyone else who serves champagne at home as if they’re having it in a restaurant,’ laughed Stephen. He shifted over so Isaac could get up. ‘And where did you get that?’ asked Stephen, holding out his glass and pointing to the ice bucket, which was perched on a metal stand beside the sofa.‘The Lakeland catalogue,’ said Isaac, lifting the bottle out with a clink of ice and topping up their glasses.‘That’s from the mortuary. I normally keep the bone saw on it, and my scalpels… I thought it appropriately macabre to use it to celebrate your new book.’

‘Mr Strait-laced stole from work! I’m honoured,’ said Stephen, taking a sip of the crisp, cold champagne. Isaac came back and went to lie on the sofa. A timer went off in the kitchen and he got back up to turn it off.‘Not another course?’ groaned Stephen.

‘No, I set it because Crimewatch is on.’

‘Bloody hell. Not your awful copper friend with the blunt manner… and the blunt bob.’He won’t get away with what he’s done, Dante assured Ryan. He’ll get all the pain he deserves. Just not here and now.

Yeah? That wasn’t good enough for Ryan. He wanted to kill this fucker, wanted to see and smell his blood. Wanted to be the cause of his pain and fear and misery.He’s just a pawn anyway, Tao pointed out.

Jeff frowned. What do you mean, pawn?Tao gave him a cruel smile. I mean that there’s a very good chance that the person who sold you Makenna’s name did it because they wanted you to kill her. And that that person was a shifter. If I’m right, it wasn’t God’s work you were doing today. It was the work of the very thing you loathe.