Manwhore +1 (Manwhore #2) Undead and Undermined (Undead #10)

Returning her phone to the drawer, she tried to look busy as real estate agents walked back and forth in front of her desk without acknowledging her. Which was a good thing. If they stopped to talk to her, it was usually because they were upset about microwave etiquette in the breakroom, had an IT issue she couldnt help them with, or were acting out their frustration with the current less-than-robust sellers market.

After so much suffering, first from the head injury and strokes he had had, and then those frigid twenty-four hours in the forest, Xcor faltered as he felt a pleasing warmth emanate up from the bare soles of his feet.Closing his eyes, he swayed in the darkness, every instinct he had screaming for him to lie down on the marble and rest. Except then he thought of the mess he had tracked into this house, all that mud and filth.

Snapping back to attention, he flipped on the light switch by the bathrooms door—and promptly cursed and shielded his face with his forearm. As his retinas adjusted, he would have preferred not to look at himself in the mirror over the sinks, but that was inevitable as he lowered his arm.Dearest Fade, he whispered.The male staring back at him was nearly unrecognizable. The gaunt, pale, bearded face, the hollowed-out ribs and gut, the loose skin that hung under his jaw, his pecs, his arms. His hair was jagged, having grown out in strange patches, and there seemed to be dirt and blood in every one of his pores, all over his body.

Fates, when one was generally clean, a brisk hand towel applied oer a sink with plenty of soap could do as a freshen-up. In his current condition? He required a commercial car wash. Mayhap an industrial hose.The idea of Layla seeing him thus made him cringe and he readily turned away from his reflection, cranking on the shower in its glass partition. The hot water came up quickly, but before he stepped under it, he opened a couple of cabinets and drawers. The toothbrush and toothpaste he found were very much appreciated, as were the soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

He also took a fresh razor and shaving cream into the stall with him.

The simple act of brushing his teeth nearly made him cry. It had been so long since his mouth had tasted fresh. And then the shave … ridding himself of the scratchy growth across his cheek, jaws, and chin made him grateful to the company which had made the razor. And then the shampoo. He did that twice, and let the conditioner sit as he scrubbed all of his skin with soap.As Ehlena indicated her head, Jane nodded. I talked to Mary about it. She said shes ready to speak with him as soon as hes medically more stable.

Jane gave the folder back, trading it for Laylas. Yes, she could have easily transitioned to all-electronic medical records, but she had been trained back in the days before everything was computerized, and shed always preferred good, old-fashioned paper.She had to smile as she thought of Vishouss disapproval. He was dying to get a halfway decent computer system going down here, but he respected her prerogative, even as he was frustrated by her. And they did enter summary notes into a database, something that Jane liked to spend Sunday afternoons on when everybody was quiet.

It was a meditation exercise as much as anything else.So howre our kids doing? she murmured as she ran through the notes Ehlena had made during the latest hourly check. Oh, you go, girl. Look at those oxygen stats. Right where we want them.