I could barely breathe as envy and grief consumed me. Why not? He reaches forward to grab our beers, passing one my way.

We make our way back to my car. As soon as we shut our doors, Olivia’s phone pings.

Judah runs his finger along the outline of his lips. He looks like he’s thinking deeply about something.It’s all over the news, Delaney says.

I look at Judah. What are you thinking?What if it was someone from here, in this neighborhood, that did that to her. One of us.It could have been someone coming through the Bone. Doesn’t mean they’re from here.

He nods, but he’s not committed to that nod. I stand up. I have to go, I say.Are you sure you’re okay? Delaney says.

Dunno. I need to think.

I walk the Bone in the drizzling rain. Up and down the streets, counting the scattered, balled up candy wrappers, until I am so cold my whole body is shaking. I walk past Nevaeh’s house. I want her to come running down the stairs like she always did when she saw me, her shoelaces flying around like a scraped knee waiting to happen. I want to steal her away before someone can steal her life away, and show her something other than the Bone. I want to show myself something other than the Bone. I don’t even know if that’s possible. Judah says that where we’re from is in us—in our marrow. You can put us anywhere else in the world, but we carry our origin with us everywhere we go. If he’s right, I’ll never fucking get away.She’s quiet for a long time.

It’s like he thought he could be married on his terms. Have you at home for when it was convenient for him, but he’s never been there for you.I grab her wrist and hold it. Why didn’t he come back when Dobson escaped from that damn institution?

He said they’d catch him. To sit tight and trust the police.Exactly. He was supposed to protect you. That was his job. He should have been on a plane the minute he found out.