Bolivia pressures Argentina over Morales call for 'armed militias' UK's Johnson says emotions triggered by Floyd's death can not be ignored

She is not his girlfriend. They’ve only been on, like, two dates.

What the—I slammed a fist onto the bar and the guy quickly rose and took off.

Why’d you do that? she asked, looking bewildered.I wouldn’t explain my actions to her. Not until she explained some things to me first. Why did you come here?Your brothers said you were out. I was worried you were—

Out drinking and picking up women? I supplied.Nope. Just working. Christ, she was watching me with those pretty sapphire-blue eyes, looking at me like she was both hurt and disappointed. I turned to the guy next to us. What can I get for you?

Bud Light, he called back. I cracked open a bottle and handed it to him, punching the order into the register to add it to his tab before turning back to McKenna.

No freebies, honey. You want something to drink? Rachel said to McKenna, suddenly standing next to me.He’s quiet again. But this time, I know he hasn’t left. I broke up with you, he says.

Well, I don’t know about that, I tell him. I didn’t leave you much choice. I’m having a baby.No, he says. In high school.

I smile and shake my head, but then I realize he can’t see me, so I give him the verbal cue he’s looking for. No shit, Sherlock.I think I wanted to pin it on you because I didn’t want to admit that I might have avoided this whole thing if I’d acted differently back then.