To Kriss and America, the last girls standing! someone yelled. Yeah, I want. She’s nicer than you. She brings me cigars, too.

Your leg is broken, too. The femur. The doctor set it, but he said the bone was splintered. Freddie cleared his throat. You’re going to be stuck here for quite some time, I’m afraid. The femur is the largest bone in the human body. It’s going to take several months to heal.

I’m going to guess that they don’t serve the state fish, I say.We’re both starving from all the activity of the day, so we order every appetizer on the menu: poke (tuna marinated in soy sauce), crab cakes, coconut shrimp, lobster pot stickers, and Kalua pork. We don’t stop touching for the entire meal. We touch in between bites of food and sips of pineapple juice. He touches the side of my neck, my cheek, my lips. I touch his fingers, his forearms, his chest. Now that we’ve touched so intimately, we can’t stop.

We move the chairs so that we’re sitting right next to each other. He holds my hand in his lap or I hold his in mine. We look at each other and laugh for no reason. Or, not for no reason, but because the world just then seems extraordinary. For us to have met, to have fallen in love, to get to be together is beyond anything either of us had ever thought possible.Olly orders us a second helping of lobster pot stickers. You make me very hungry, he croons, eyebrows waggling. He touches my cheek and I blush into his hands. We eat this plate more slowly. It’s our last. Maybe if we just sit here, if we don’t acknowledge that time is passing, then this too-perfect day won’t have to end.As we leave the waitress tells us to come back and visit again soon, and Olly promises that we will.

We head away from the lights of the restaurant and toward the darkened beach. Above the clouds have hidden the moon. We slip off our sandals, walk close to the water’s edge, and sink our toes into the cooling sand. Nighttime waves crash mightier and louder than daytime ones. The further we walk, the fewer people we see, until it begins to feel as though we’ve left civilization behind. Olly steers us to dry sand and we find a place to sit.He takes my hand and kisses the palm. My dad apologized to us after he hit her the first time. He pushes the sentence out on a single breath. It takes me second to realize what he’s talking about.

The night is so dark that I feel rather than see him shake his head.

They sat us down together and he said he was sorry. He said it would never happen again. I remember Kara was so angry she wouldn’t even look at him. She knew he was a liar, but I believed him. My mom did, too. She told us to forget all about it. She said, ‘Your father has been through a lot.’ She said that she forgave him and that we should, too.I look back up to his eyes and see my reflection there. What do you see? I ask.

Well, the first thing is those freckles.You’re obsessed.

Slightly. It looks like someone sprinkled chocolate across your nose and cheeks. His eyes travel down to my lips and back up to my eyes. Your lips are pink and they get pinker when you chew on them. You chew on them more when you’re about to disagree with me. You should do that less. The disagreeing, not the chewing. The chewing is adorable.I should say something, stop him, but I can’t speak.