Seduced by the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #5) The Season of Risks (Ethical Vampire #3)

We do not run a brothel here, miss, and I will have you know we would never let it go that far. I had to pull the plug on you two when Martin said things were spicing up, hm? Mrs. Wattlesbrook smiled, and her eyes twinkled as if she enjoyed this part very much. I wanted to make sure you knew that even though you are not our Ideal Client, we still made every arrangement possible for your comfort and entertainment, Miss Erstwhile.

In fact, they might have been better. It wasn’t pure pity anymore; these looks were more curious. What’s going on between that girl and Hunter? I could hear them saying. That was a lot better than wondering about what it would be like to have both parents die from unnatural causes.If people would have actually had the guts to talk to me and ask me what was going on between me and Hunter, I wouldn’t have been able to tell them anyway. He didn’t call me all week. I tried not to be disappointed, since I had made it clear that we were just friends. Obviously he wasn’t going to pursue me as hard as if he were trying to date me—the rules of dating didn’t even apply. We were just friends. Friends hung out whenever.

Friday rolled around, and this time I had no plans. Daniela had a cold and was going to stay in, and Kate and Petra were out at some date party. I had no one else to go out with. It was surprising how much this bummed me out. I could always entertain myself watching more Grey’s Anatomy but I knew there would be loud, drunk people coming back to the dorm at two in the morning, and they would make me feel bad for missing out on a lively night.I was sitting on the common area futon after an early cafeteria dinner thinking about what I wanted to do with the rest of my evening when my phone buzzed. My heart raced as I checked to see who it was, and then it began pounding in my ears when I recognized the name: Hunter.Hey, I said, a little too breathlessly.

His voice was smooth, like we’d just casually run into each other around campus. The fluttering in my nerves made me realize how much I’d missed hearing his voice all week. I tried to steady myself so I didn’t sound too needy. Not much, just ate dinner.My heart rose. I was actually just figuring that out, I said. Daniela and I were going to go out, but she’s not feeling good, so now I’m free.

Great! One of my buddies bailed on me, so I have an extra ticket for the hockey game tonight. Do you wanna come?

I didn’t know much about hockey, but hanging out with Hunter sounded more fun than hanging out with Meredith and McDreamy. That sounds like fun! When’s the game?‘Hmm,’ he said. ‘They’re a nightmare, these old buildings. Ain’t it listed?’

‘No!’ said Issy, delighted to be asked a question she could actually answer. ‘Well, I mean, yes, the outside is, grade II, but the interior is all right as long as we don’t pull down any walls or put anything up or brick up the fireplace, as if we would.’‘Well, your problem here is we’ll have to thread the wiring through the walls, then there’ll be a lot of replastering to do, and that’s before you even look at the flooring.’

‘What’s wrong with the flooring?’There were simple wooden boards on the floor, and Issy had been planning just to clean them up and leave them.