Ex-FBI chief Comey to testify next week in Russia probe U.S., South Korea agree to deploy THAAD this year, South says

Master A nodded. She does. She’ll fetch it if you want.

You could have her for yourself.The thought wasn’t new. She was a slave, after all. And I was a rich bloody bastard. I could buy her from him. I could keep her locked away to use whenever I wanted with no distractions from my company.

The idea was far too appealing.An unseen, unknown pet. I wouldn’t have to take her for walks or give special treats. As long as she had food and a place to rest, she would have a much better quality of life with me than she ever would with Alrik.But why would I buy her when I could take her?

I should leave before I hurt her more than Alrik ever could. But I’d lied when I’d folded the origami butterfly with my note inside.I couldn’t forget her until I’d taken what I needed from her. And what I needed wasn’t fulfilled yet.

Then, I could either sell her or free her. One thing was for sure, I wouldn’t keep her for long. It wasn’t possible for a man like me.

Yes, I’m sure. Turn around.Not after I’d touched her breast and my skin had detonated like the weapons I dealt in. I knew myself, and I knew my limits. I could walk away from other temptations before it grew too strong to be ignored. But I doubted I could walk away from her without taking what I needed.

Sit up…,gir—Pim. I fixed my mistake. When I’d called her ‘girl’ before, her ripple of indignation had given me a clue. She hated being owned but wanted to belong to a name.An interesting contradiction, layering her with yet more secrets I needed to steal.

I held my breath, waiting to see if her despair would override my command.Slowly, her spine unfurled like a fucking tempting flower, raising her shoulders, bending her neck, followed by her rageful, sorrowful face.