Reaching for his face, she planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Wade took a deep breath when the elevator doors closed.

We’re good, Pax answered after a moment. Just packing up camp so we can get the hell out of here when you’re done.

Five. Four. Three, Little John said, my throat too clogged to speak. We were going to find him. It was the only possibility.Back up, slowly, I told them, and we inched our way back until we hit the three-feet mark. Dig!

Little John took out a long pole and gently pushed it through the snow until he found resistance. Got something.Pulling out small, collapsible shovels, we started to dig. My chest heaved, tight and burning, and my vision started to haze the harder we labored.Miss, can you give me that? one of the Sherpas asked, reaching for the shovel. I handed it over and stumbled backward as another did the same with Leah. I told my inner feminist to shut the hell up. They were acclimatized, stronger, more capable, and there were men’s lives at stake.

When had the helicopter brought another load of searchers?I looked over to see the bird parked on the snowfield, waiting to airlift the boarders.

I’ve got him! Little John said from inside the pit they’d dug.

Leah’s arms surrounded me. Please be alive.God, I wanted to believe him. My heart was practically banging at my ribs to get out and launch at him. But I knew better, didn’t I? I wasn’t some starry-eyed girl who thought she could change Landon Rhodes. I was the girl he’d left standing in an empty apartment with no savings, no college, and no family.

But there was this tiny part of me that was growing steadily stronger, begging to give him a chance. To put those claims to the test. But I also knew that was the last part of me that had never gotten over him, and with one misstep, he’d kill off that chance for good.And what’s the other reason you won’t kiss me?

How long could he hold out if I really pushed? If I frayed the edges of his nonexistent control? How long would it take to prove that he just wanted to score the one girl he thought he couldn’t have? Wasn’t it safer in the long run to break my heart at the size it was now as opposed to letting it grow bigger for him again?He crinkled his nose. Your breath smells like puke.