Fifteen killed in clashes in Syria's Idlib despite ceasefire: monitor Russia to spell out stance on U.N. truce plea in coming days: Kremlin

Jethro pulled out an envelope, then flicked through the contents. He looked up, something resembling a smile gracing his lips. Good work. I’ll see you back at Hawksridge.

But they hadn’t eaten me.Far from it. I’d been licked and nuzzled and welcomed into a pack of unknown numbers.

I was a stranger in their domain, but when I finally overrode my fear and looked into their eyes, they were bright with curiosity rather than territorial anger.The rest of the night was spent making a semi-comfortable bed out of a loosely packed hay bale, and wrapping myself tight in the scratchy blanket. I’d aimed to sleep alone with my new friends scattered in their usual spaces, but they had other ideas.Once I was settled, they’d crowded around me, squeezing close, curling around each other until I was the epicentre in a nest of canines.

The moment they’d quietened, I took out my phone.Five missed calls, three messages from my twin, and one from my father.

Biting my lip to retain what composure I could, I read my father’s first.

ArchTextile: Nila, I know you’ll have questions. I know you’ll hate me. But please, my wonderful girl, know I didn’t want any of this. I was stupid not to heed your mother’s warning. I thought—well, it doesn’t matter what I thought. I hope we can talk—when you’re ready. I understand if you can never forgive me. I don’t know how much of this they’ll see, but I’ll never stop searching, never stop hoping. Please don’t think I gave you up lightly. They have…ways. They have you but they’ll keep you in good health. We have time. Love you, sweetheart.Be like what? I asked, confused. Milo was having issues with bloodlust, but I didn’t understand why it was solely directed at our mother.

Nothing, Milo said sheepishly.Go pack up the rest of your stuff. Jack gestured to his room. Let’s get out of here before you do something really stupid.

Sorry. Milo slunk off to his room.Once he was gone, I whirled on Jack, and whispered fiercely, What was that about? What’s going on?