Cold Springs Wild Heart (Viper's Heart #2)

The black man holds out his pocketknife and wipes it with the tail of his plaid flannel shirt. Good enough, get it in some hot water . . . Now, do you have any lard? All activity stops, and the men jerk up from their appointed tasks.

I tugged my arm away. I’ll work it out. I’m not hiring a nanny.Good, you don’t need one. You need family.

She’s right, Katherine spoke up.I turned to see her standing in the doorway, reaching down for a bucket of blocks. Sorry to interrupt. I was just gonna grab a few toys, but I want you to know I’d love to help in any way I can. She rubbed her free hand over her stomach. I don’t plan on returning to work after Charlie’s born. I’d be more than happy to watch Oliver during the day for you.My gaze dropped to the floor. I was surprised by the offer. I’d missed too much time at the office as it was, but the thought of leaving Oliver even with Katherine, whom I trusted just as much as if not more than Julia, was still hard.

What other choice do you have? Julia asked. Daycare?What is there to think about? Let her help. Mom also said she’d watch Oliver on some weekends.

I don’t work weekends, I cut in, my aggravation climbing.

I turned back to Katherine as she spoke. We can start off with a trial period. If you’re not comfortable with me watching him, then you can take him to someone else.Can you believe that guy? I gestured toward the empty hall.

That guy, Killian bit out between clenched teeth, is my boss and your label head. What the hell were you thinking?Surprised by his anger, it took me a second to respond. I sputtered out, You’re mad at me? God, if that guy called you boy one more time, I was going to push him out of a window.

Killian blinked as if he wasn’t expecting that response at all.His face darkened. Right now, he’s not the asshole. This is my job, Skylar, and you made me look incompetent in front of my boss. Was it deliberate? Are you trying to sabotage this and get out of our deal?