Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home (Broken Heart #4) Vampire Girl (Vampire Girl #1)

But one front is supposed to give way to the other. These are heading right for each other and now the National Weather Service thinks they’ll meet right here. Like a storm apocalypse.

Someone was beside Ōkami’s cell.Just as silently as she’d come, Mariko turned back, with a mind to retrace her steps. Then—at the top of the stairs above—another torchlight blazed into view. If she did not hide immediately, she would be trapped.

Breathe. This is exactly why I sought to learn all I could about this place.She closed her eyes and prepared to count her paces. Eight steps to the left. Three steps into a corner encased by darkness, where she could crouch unseen. It would be simple to keep track of where she moved. From the beginning, Mariko had known that—if she was going to help Ōkami escape—she would need to move about freely without carrying a source of light that could catch unwanted attention.As she began to turn left by the stack of discarded charcoal, a hand shot from the shadows and gripped her by the arm, thrusting her into the inky space beneath the stairs.

She almost squealed. Then immediately fought back. Her fists connected with a broad male chest. A man who smelled suspiciously of sake. It did not matter. Mariko leveled a kick at her assailant’s shins, then twisted her wrist in an attempt to break free. She angled her elbow—the hardest part of her body—and positioned it to slam in his face.Grunting, the man grabbed her by the shoulder and yanked her arm behind her back. Mariko refused to cry out at first. But he applied more pressure, until she relented with a gasp.

They both froze beneath the stairs until the man with the torch—the one who’d caught Mariko’s attention mere moments before—descended, the dust of his heavy footsteps powdering their hair. His gait was hefty, his movements purposeful. Undoubtedly a soldier. The man paused at the bottom of the staircase and then proceeded down the corridor toward Ōkami’s cell. As soon as he was out of earshot, Mariko attempted to break free again. Her assailant tightened his grip, almost to the point of pain.

How dare you? Mariko whispered, her voice sounding tinny and ineffectual.I have no idea what you two are talking about. Her gaze bounced between the two.

Little brother is very talented. A smile played across Gabe’s mouth as he eyed Lucian. You see, Madeline is not the only artist in the family.She looked over at him. You paint?

Catching a strand of her hair with his fingers, he nodded. I’ve been known to dabble a time or two.Dabble? Gabe laughed. Are you actually being modest?