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Panic gripped both of us.

Now the woman won’t keep quiet.But after ten minutes, she began snoring.

I heaved a sigh of relief.Now the real work begins.I pushed myself off the bed, making as little noise as possible, and padded across the room toward Bella.

Her snores grew louder by the second, and I hoped that she was a deep sleeper.I knelt down on the floor next to her and looked over her heaving body.

I scanned her waist, looking for the key.

It wasn’t on the side of her that was facing me—her front—so, walking around her body, I crouched down on her other side.She nodded slowly. I… I shall be gone from this castle for a while—though I don’t anticipate being gone much more than a day.

This was even more strange. I couldn’t imagine where she would want to go outside the castle. But I wasn’t about to ask. I was just relieved that she wasn’t ready to start the ritual yet. If she had said that she was, I would have no way to explain to her why Rhys wasn’t here. I wasn’t willing to tell her about Magnus—at least not yet. Nobody knew how she would react on learning that her order to stay away from Magnus had been disobeyed. We ought to wait until the very last minute before revealing him—once the ritual had already commenced and she was less likely to protest.Of course, your Grace, I said, bowing my head slightly. We will be here waiting for your return.

It felt like a heavy weight lifting off my shoulders as she disappeared from sight… to whatever destination it was she had in mind.Chapter 18: Lilith