Pretty Little Things Declare

Even your mom? he asked, putting his glasses back on.

‘Hmm, maybe,’ said Issy.‘And we won’t be here for much longer,’ pointed out Helena. ‘As soon as I start working again, we’ll get a bigger mortgage and move. We need a garden for Chadani Imelda anyway.’

Chadani Imelda was now riding Ashok like a horse and giggling uncontrollably.‘So you could have this place back.’‘I could,’ said Issy, looking at the pink kitchen and the nice old faded floral armchairs, currently completely hidden under mountains and mountains of presents. ‘I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to move on.’

‘I’ve registered,’ said Helena. ‘With a nursing agency. Look.’ She held up a sheaf of forms.‘Wow,’ said Issy. ‘What did you say when they asked why you wanted to come back?’

‘I said, darlings, I can be fabulous simultaneously in many arenas.’

‘Yes, exactly like that. No, don’t be stupid. I just reminded them how lucky they’d be to have me, and not to ask such impertinent questions.’I rolled my eyes. I’d assumed him paying was to come out of the check I tore up. Of course I was wrong. That explained why I had yet to receive any bills.

Fine, I’d do things my way.I’ll speak to the hospital first thing in the morning. Find out how much it was and pay him back.

She gave me a skeptical stare. With what? You sent your mom on that cruise with the rest of your inheritance.I’m refinancing the house. Don’t worry about it. And if you speak a word of this to my mother, I’ll tell Caleb all about your little Winnie the Pooh phobia!