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He licked. He nuzzled. He sucked. All while her soft pants and helpless moans and wordless entreaties wormed their way in his ears and through his veins until he didn’t know where he ended and she began.

He laughs. You were a little child prodigy. He walks to his car and opens the door. You need a ride to school today?I narrow my eyes at him. He knows I haven’t been going to school lately. Nice try.

He climbs in the car. Worth a shot, he says, closing the door. He rolls down the window and says, I’ll text you if I get any updates about Wolfgang from your dad.I nod, but then I tilt my head. Why would he give you updates?Because . . . I work for him?

You do? Wow. I’m so out of the loop.He laughs. Did you really not know that?

I shake my head. I knew you had a job, but I’ve just never asked what it was.

Your dad gave me a job and let me move in the first day I met him. That’s why I like him so much, even though you can’t stand him most of the time.That is, if you wish, he added, misunderstanding her hesitation.

She forced a smile. That would be lovely.We’ll go to the theater, he said with a yawn. Or maybe the opera. Do you like the opera?

Suddenly she was desperate to end the conversation. Her mind was filled with visions of a future that included the both of them, a future where her last name really was Rokesby, and she lived in a darling house in Kent with three little children, all with their father’s arrestingly blue eyes.It was a lovely future. It just wasn’t hers.