Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #5) Like a Memory (Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach #1)

You should be humble, Jane. Show gratitude.

Uh… He scratched his eyebrow, staring at her for a moment as if he didnt understand what was happening. Yeah. Sure.He came over and opened the window for her, but that wasnt exactly the response she was hoping for. Maybe shed made a mistake by coming here uninvited.

Sorry, Gemma said as she climbed into his room. I didnt mean to disturb you.No, you didnt. He shook his head, then rushed around to straighten up his room.You dont need to do that because Im here.

Alex ignored her and continued to pick up the dirty socks and tech magazines that littered his room. It actually wasnt that messy. He was a relatively neat guy. Other than the stack of Xbox games and empty Mountain Dew cans, it was a fairly clean room.You know what, Gemma, Im sorry. I cant do this. Alex abruptly stopped what he was doing, holding an armful of dirty clothes. He rubbed his eye and shook his head. What are you doing here? Whats going on with you?

I wanted to see you, she said simply.

No, I dont mean just right now, but… He set down his clothes in a pile by the door and turned back to face her with his hands on his hips. What was last night about? Harper said you just took off with those weird pretty girls, and then you come to my house soaking wet because you need to know if I like you.Hold you when youre hurting

But baby, most of allIll be there . . . so youll never be alone

Dont ever feel aloneI imagine myself a few years from now, walking home on the city streets from the job I love—one hand holding a briefcase, the other holding the small, sweet hand of my little girl or boy.