Nightbound (Lords of the Darkyn #3) Deeper (Caroline & West #1)

Come play, Henry! Lady Cordelia calls, holding a beach ball over her head and moving closer to the cameraman who stands at the edge of the pool.

And my stomach rolls again.How did Nicholas put up with this for all those years? I used to think he was a drama king. A downer and a whiner.

Now I understand. Ive walked a mile in his shoes—and theyre filled with shit.You would think having your arse constantly kissed would be enjoyable, even just a little. But when its a nest of snakes trying to latch on—offering a rim job with their flicking, forked tongues—its revolting.No worries, I tell the lad, because I have a feeling if I make an issue out of it, Aloysius will take it out on him.

The caddies fall behind as we walk toward the green.What are your thoughts on the repatriation legislation, Your Highness? Beelzebub asks casually.

Reparti-what? I reply without thinking.

Repatriation, Aloysius says. Allowing corporations that have been sanctioned for frivolous labor violations to bring back overseas funds to Wessco, without penalty. It will allow them to create thousands of working-class jobs. The legislation has been stalled in Parliament for weeks. Im surprised Her Majesty hasnt mentioned it to you.Charlie Campbell, Henry says, like hes committing the name to memory.

Thats right. Charlies captain told me that it was an ambush that took him, said he was very brave. He drew the fire on himself so the other boys could take cover.A heroic act that Im sure those boys will never forget, Henry offers.

Mrs. Campbell nods. He was always a good lad. Protective. And now hes in heaven with his da, watching over us all.I lean down toward Louis. I bet Charlie loved having you for a little brother.