The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave #1) The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love #1)

Perhaps the dark god had wanted him not to swear fealty to Maeve, but to kill her. To get close enough to do so.

Your bloodline proved useless to me, Vernon, Erawan said a shade too softly. Shall I find another use for you here at Morath?Dorian knew precisely what sort of uses the man would have. He lifted supplicating hands. I am your servant, milord.

Erawan stared at him for long heartbeats. Then he said, Go.Dorian straightened, letting Erawan stride a few more feet toward the tower. The blank-faced guards posted at its door stepped aside as he approached.Do you truly hate them? Dorian blurted.

Erawan half-turned toward him.Dorian asked, The humans. Aelin Galathynius. Dorian Havilliard. All of them. Do you truly hate them? Why do you make us suffer so greatly?

Erawans golden eyes guttered. They would keep me from my brothers, he said. I will let nothing stand in the way of my reunion with them.

Surely there might be another way to reunite you. Without such a great war.Color stained her cheeks. Right. She chewed on her bottom lip. Well … good night, then.

He could have sworn she was lingering. And he would have let her, except …Its late, he told her. You should go to your room while people are still about.Because while Nesryn had found no trace of the Valg in Antica, while it had been days since that attack in the Torre library, he would take no risks.

Yes, Yrene said, bracing a hand on the threshold. She reached for the handle to pull the door shut behind her.She paused, angling her head.