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Talk about a bumpy landing.

She picked him up and he licked her chin.Her throat tightened. You love me anyway. She hugged him, apparently squeezing too tight because he suffered it for about two seconds and then growled.

With a half laugh and half sob, she loosened her grip. When she got to work, she walked straight through the warehouse to the offices. She passed those by too and headed back to the area where Jake lived.He was lifting weights, the music blaring so loud the windows rattled. She turned off the music and turned to face him.You okay? he asked, dropping the weights, turning his chair to face her, his face creased in worry.

She’d planned what she would say to him. Something like I know, you told me so, blah blah blah, so let’s not talk about it, let’s just move on. And she opened her mouth to say just that but nothing came out.What’s going on?

She burst into tears.

Looking pained, he stared at her. Did you forget the Midol? Because I bought some, it’s in my bathroom. I’ve had it for over a year, I’ve just never figured out how to give it to you without getting my head bit clean off.Boomer is my dog.

—and even before that, how you totally changed after you started dating and were so needy and depressed that he had to do a suicide watch on you, and then when he was going through his stress, you dumped him.I took a long, slow breath. I was never suicidal. Good God. I don’t know where he got that. As for his stress— I raised my hands in a helpless gesture —that’s news to me. Would you like to hear another version of our relationship? Because Bobby has left a lot out, it seems.

No, she said. I’m good. She folded her arms and sat back in her chair, daring me to contradict anything she wanted to believe.Okay, then, I said. Believe what you want, and good luck with him.