The Desert Spear (The Demon Cycle #2) Lullaby (Wake #2)

The mallet left my burning broken bone, resting innocuously beside my wrist like a fallen executioner.

Because you owe me money.Technically I owe you money, but think of it this way: youre not really out any actual cash. You just havent had a gain.

Technically you made a verbal commitment to pay me half of your earnings. Im the one who earned it.True, but still…I switch gears. If you dont come to the library, whos going to help me with my chemistry?

Jameson squints at me, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose with a cute little laugh. You are not taking chemistry classes!Fine, but I like making chemistry, and isnt that almost the same thing?

Sydneys dark brown eyes volley back and forth between Jameson and me then widen when her roommate lets out an unladylike snort.

Ill tell you what Jim, since were friends, Im going to help you out. If pretty little Sydney here has classes that would be helpful for chemistry—Flaw, take my daughter to the back of the room. Shes to watch from a safe distance and not to leave, understood?

Flaw glanced at me. Secrets collided in his gaze before looking resolutely away. Nothing in his posture apologised or promised he would try to prevent the future. He merely nodded and clasped his hands around the handles of Jasmines wheelchair. Yes, sir.What had I done to warrant his sudden coolness?

Backing away, he dragged Jasmine with him.She screeched and jammed on her brakes, leaving large grooves and tyre marks on the elegant floor. No!