China tells Indian media not to call Taiwan a country, Taiwan says 'get lost' Factbox: Latest China virus outbreak revives fears of 2003 SARS fallout

Voices had her turning around.

Genetics? I offer.I hate you, Daphne says frankly.

Under Rupi’s sharp eye, we all start slathering the weird yogurt concoction on our faces. How long do we leave it on for? Summer asks.Until it dries. No longer than ten minutes, though. Rupi flops down on her pillow throne near my feet.From the armchair, I grin down at her. So what’s the deal with you and Hollis? Are you together now?

Of course we are. She stares at me like I’m from a different planet. We were together after our first date.Does he know that? Summer asks in amusement.

Of course he does.

I truly can’t figure out if this girl is delusional or—The blame game?

If I was sad about something? It’s your father’s fault. If I was mad? Your mother’s fault. I was nervous about the school play? It’s because your dad didn’t run lines with you. If something scared me? It’s ’cause your mom’s raising a pussy. I let out a breath as I remember how exhausting it was to have a single conversation with them. Hell, it’s equally exhausting now.Did you go to court and tell the judge which parent you wanted to live with? Summer asks curiously. Wouldn’t that have solved the whole custody battle?

You’d think. I did go to court. Well, it was more of a conference room with a bunch of tables, but there was a judge.I cringe even thinking about it. I remember holding a social worker’s hand as she led me into the room and asked me to sit down. My parents were seated next to their respective lawyers. Mom was pleading at me with her eyes. Dad gave me that encouraging look that said, ‘I know you’ll make the right decision.’ Everyone was staring at me. It was fucking brutal.