One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (The Rules of Scoundrels #2) A Jaguar's Kiss

Good luck with that, I said, smiling. Suddenly I felt exhausted. I…I owe someone a favor, I said. To stay. And do what I’m doing.

I won’t take no for an answer, he added.It had only been three days since the night he claimed a part of me. The heat pooling in my center agreed that was too long. I was a strong, empowered woman; I told myself to keep the performance going. This was a man who would bring me to my knees and abandon me there if I wasn’t careful. That thought alone helped hide my arousal.

But when the tip of his tongue darted out and glossed a thin line across his bottom lip, I forgot everything except for my desire to taste his flawless lips hovering so close to mine.I saw it in his eyes when I finally looked up. I stared too long and obliviously, and he knew it.Before I could ask, his lips were on mine, hard and demanding. I fought not to give in to it, balling my hands and locking them at my side.

Hard to get. That was my role now, but damn, was it difficult.I wasn’t going to touch him. If I kept my hands to myself and focused on something—anything—other than how amazing he felt and tasted, then maybe he’d take a hint and release me. Give me a chance to regroup.

He pulled back just enough to murmur, Please.

Everything inside me exploded, with his need devouring both of us. I stood my ground and opened my mouth to protest, but Logan used it to his advantage and slid his tongue inside.The girl scoffed. Really? She giggled, then lowered her voice to a seductive purr. Since when do you like privacy?

I swallowed hard, my icy veins flooding with rage, chilling me to the bone and extinguishing the fire Logan had lit seconds earlier. I wouldn’t let this break me. I was going to sit right there and hold it together. Logan was a free man who could do whatever or whomever he wanted. As much as it hurt, I feigned indifference. My eyes were set on the bartender as he walked past with a bottle in hand. I threw up my hand, requesting one more.We’re leaving, Logan snarled, yet the girls didn’t seem to hear him. One of them leaned in behind me, snickering.

Word of advice: the man likes it rough and he prefers two at once, so why don’t you let us take over and you can go find yourself some nice boy next door to take home?I heard and felt Logan stand, but I was already out of my seat.  That was too much.