Rose Under Fire (Code Name Verity #2) Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass #7)

After following him, I leaned against his back, burying my head between his shoulder blades. I didn’t want to look in the room again.

Logan’s arm snaked around my waist, his lips pressing above my ear in a chaste kiss.I love having you here. Feels right.

The coaxing static between us sizzled. Not the place for a rendezvous.How old were you the first time you came here? I asked, curious and in need of a distraction from the soft caress of his fingers up the back of my shirt.Shortly after we moved here from Harmony. Grew up coming here at least once a month. They built this tunnel a couple years before Oliver was born. I brought him every chance I could, he said, staring at his son.

I like it here. It’s peaceful, I said, my eyes on the boys as we stopped behind them.They were laughing hysterically at the faces they made at the stingray gliding along the glass in front of them. It was nice not having to suffer through a crowd—the entire tunnel was closed off for the next few hours for Oliver to enjoy. Turns out it was a perk of the Wests being long-standing members and regular financial donors.

Turn around and smile, Oliver! Natasha called from somewhere behind us.

My eyes rolled back at the grating sound of her voice. Logan turned us to find her holding a camera in her hands, which was pointed our way. I immediately pulled Logan and me out of the shot.He cut me off with a mischievous grin.

Gotcha, he said with a wink. Now come on—let’s see what you’ve done.We toured the property and house before retiring to the porch swing. We had an hour to ourselves before we had to put on our tuxedos. Joseph was dressed by the time he arrived, and he was followed a few minutes later by Anna, Leslie, and Jane, who’d come straight from the salon. The girls were giddy as they got out of the car. Walking ahead of Jane, they quickly vanished upstairs, their dresses folded over their arms.

Jane paused before me, her eyes twinkling as she watched them go.Now remember, she said, Keith’s not supposed to see Anna beforehand, so don’t let him go up.