Teardrop (Teardrop #1) Finding Faith (Blow Hole Boys #2)

Yrene dragged her hands around his shoulders, fingers slipping into his silken brown hair. More, more, more—

Nesryn made herself keep her shoulders squared, chin high. Even so, at the end of it, I must return to Antica.Sartaq nodded, though something like disappointment guttered his eyes. Then I suppose the ruk in the aerie will have to wait for another rider to come along.

That had been a day ago. The conversation that left her unable to look too long in the princes direction.And during the hours-long flight this morning, shed snuck a glance or two over to where Kadara sailed, Sartaq and Falkan on her back.Now Kadara swung wide, spying the final tower far below, located on a rare plain amid the hills and peaks of the Tavan Mountains. This late in the summer, it was awash with emerald grasses and sapphire streams—the ruin little more than a heap of stone.

Borte steered Arcas with a whistle through her teeth and a tug on the reins, the ruk banking left before leveling out. She was a skilled rider, bolder than Sartaq, mostly thanks to her ruks smaller size and agility. Shed won the past three annual racing contests between all the clans—competitions of agility, speed, and quick thinking.Did you pick Arcas, Nesryn asked over the wind, or did she pick you?

Borte leaned forward to pat the ruks neck. It was mutual. I saw that fuzzy head pop out of the nest, and I was done. Everyone told me to pick a bigger chick; my mother herself scolded me. A sad smile at that. But I knew Arcas was mine. I saw her, and I knew.

Nesryn fell silent while they aimed for the pretty plain and ruin, the sunlight dancing on Kadaras wings.Yeah, I get that, and Ill go look for her as soon as you pull over, Daniel said.

Daniel, please! Harper sobbed. Shes hurt! I can feel it, and shes hurt!Okay, calm down, Daniel said, keeping his voice as even as he could. Ill go look for her. Do you have any idea where shes at?

No, but shes probably with the sirens, Harper said, and that sounded like a safe bet to Daniel, too.Im going out to their house now. Daniel pulled away from the stop sign. You need to take a deep breath and slow down. Ill find Gemma and make sure shes safe. As soon as I do, one of us will call you, okay?