Caleb stared at the two of us, his face lined with worry. I gawk at the torchlight. I controlled nature-fire.

Good. Now just breathe and relax for me.

Is it even possible to have a plague of weddings? Harriet said loudly, turning back to Sarah. And if so, would two qualify?They would, Sarah replied darkly, if they were occurring just one week apart, and if one happened to be related to one of the brides and one of the grooms, and especially if one was forced to be the maid of honor at a wedding in which—

You only have to be maid of honor once, Elizabeth cut in.Once is enough, Sarah muttered. No one should have to walk down a church aisle with a bouquet of flowers unless she was the bride, already had been the bride, or was too young to be the bride. Otherwise, it was just cruel.I think it’s divine that Honoria asked you to be the maid of honor, Frances gushed. It’s so romantic. Maybe you can write a scene like this in your play, Harriet.

That’s a good idea, Harriet replied. I could introduce a new character. I’ll have her look just like Sarah.Sarah didn’t even bother to turn in her direction. Please don’t.

No, it will be great fun, Harriet insisted. A special little tidbit just for the three of us.

There are four of us, Elizabeth said.She offers me a small smile. I’m kind of obsessed with body lotion.

I smile down at her. Are you ready for tonight? You remember everything I told you about Pierre and his wife?She nods. Of course. It’s going to go great, don’t worry, Coll.

She grabs her handbag and we head toward the elevator. All I want to do is cop a feel and attack her in the hotel suite, but I’m trying to be on my best behavior. I’m technically still with Tatianna and I won’t betray that. I’m not a cheater, and I wouldn’t want to start a relationship with Mia that way anyway. The look in her eyes tells me that if I did make a move, she wouldn’t stop me. That information is dangerous.We arrive at the restaurant early, so I guide Mia toward the bar. Would you like to grab a drink first?