They eat us ogres. The hallways echoed with shouts and screeches. Tinley hops off the falcon and peers into her glassy eyes. Bya!

I promised I’d ruin you, lass, he murmured, and then kissed me. His tongue pushed between my lips and slid over mine, dancing with it in a dirty, deep, wet kiss. My hips pulsed toward him at the feel of his hardness rubbing against my belly.

The man in the truck grinned wide. The one and only.That was a name that brought up memories that had been packed away in a pretty box labeled old boyfriends and tucked into the deep recesses of her brain. If Dora’s face hadn’t already been so flushed from overheating, Devlin would have seen her cheeks pinking. She’d heard he’d become a successful real estate agent, and that he was divorced. Dora wiped her brow. It was just her luck that she’d run into Devlin Cassell again after fifteen years when she was exhausted and soaking in her own sweat.

Hey, Devlin, she called out halfheartedly. Nice to see you again.Well, come on over here, girl, Devlin called back, waving his arm in a come-hither gesture. We don’t want to keep shouting.I’m all sweaty, she begged off.

So, I don’t feel like stopping right now. Nervousness made her dry mouth feel like a desert. She started to cough, and it was one of those hacking coughs that could go on forever.She waved her hand dismissively, wishing either that he’d go away or the earth would just swallow her up.

Dev put the truck in park and rushed to her side with a bottle of water. He handed her the bottle and gently patted her back. She drank thirstily, and as the coughing fit subsided she took great heaving breaths, embarrassed to the core.

Thanks, she said between breaths. She was so hot, if she were alone she’d take the rest of the water and pour it over her head.He caught the pillow and flashed his dimples. I don’t know how I’ll get by without you, Cousin.

Roland’s mouth turned down. Well, we’ll miss you. This place is not the same with you gone. School sucks even more now.That reminds me; how is all the extra schoolwork coming along?

Roland and Peter groaned together. Once they’d returned to school, the teachers had piled a bunch of assignments on them to make up for the month they’d missed. They had to complete it all if they didn’t want to repeat their senior year.I’ll graduate this year if it kills me, Roland declared. Or if Uncle Max doesn’t do it first.