Everybody Dies (Matthew Scudder #14) Burning Both Ends (Guardian Witch #3)

I opened my mouth, inviting him in as I slid my hands up his hard chest, clasping them loosely behind his neck. The taste of him was something I’d never grow tired of.

When he looked around and the only bodies that stood were his fellow unit members he hesitated. He tried to remember why he shouldn't kill them."Gavriel, if you're in there, look at your belt. Look down! Elizabeth is in trouble, we have to get home!" Aiden yelled, pointing.

He looked down and saw a bright blue flashing light.Keystone. Beth. Mate. My mate. Beth! Beth in trouble!He turned towards the direction where his mate waited for him and unable to wait for the others, he began to run. The ground flew under his feet and the trees became a blur.

"Fuck! How fast is he now?""Get to the vehicles!" he heard the men shout.

The litany of her name drove him forward.

Elizabeth checked the safety on the gun. She slid it off and held it facing up. All around the house ferals snarled and growled."I'm Rosalind Carmichael. Monroe? You wouldn't be any relation to Broderick Monroe would you?" she asked.

"Yes, he is my father."Rosalind's hand went to her throat in a nervous gesture. "Oh dear, what an honor. Come on girls, this way. I'm sure we can brew some more tea for you two dears." Rosalind picked up the basket she had retrieved from her car and pointed to the door. Ryuu stepped forward and took the basket from her hands. Rosalind tittered at Ryuu blushing. Meryn rolled her eyes and followed the woman inside. Rosalind waved at them and went into the drawing room excited to be the one to share news that they were coming to their meeting.

"Meryn, what on earth are you doing here?" a soft voice asked, sounding surprised. A lovely woman dressed in a bright yellow dress walked towards them from the hallway carrying a small sewing basket."Hey Mom, I kinda forgot what day it was. I wanted to introduce my new friend. We didn't mean to crash your sewing circle meeting," Meryn explained, unwinding her scarf.