‘It’s good to see you,’ she said. Wear gloves, keep the fingerprints off the murder weapon.

Rosamund and Posy. Neither seemed fitting, but what did he know? Perhaps he didn’t seem a proper Benedict to people he met. He turned on his heel and tried to exit once again, but his mother stopped him with yet another, Oh, Benedict!

A look of amusement crossed Simon's features. I take it, then, that during my time abroad you have become something of an eligible gentleman?Not out of any aspirations to the role on my part, I assure you. If it were up to me, I'd avoid society functions like the plague. But my sister made her bow last year, and I'm forced to escort her from time to time.

Anthony looked up in surprise. Did the two of you ever meet?No, Simon admitted, but I remember her letters to you at school, and I recalled that she was fourth in the family, so she had to start with D, and—Ah, yes, Anthony said with a slight roll of his eyes, the Bridgerton method of naming children. Guaranteed to make certain no one forgets who you are.

Simon laughed. It worked, didn't it?Say, Simon, Anthony suddenly said, leaning forward, I've promised my mother I'll have dinner at Bridgerton House later this week with the family. Why don't you join me?

Simon raised a dark brow. Didn't you just warn me about society mothers and debutante daughters?

Anthony laughed. I'll put my mother on her best behavior, and don't worry about Daff. She's the exception that proves the rule. You'll like her immensely.What about Kate? Edwina inquired. After all, the curricle could only seat two.

Kate gave her hand a squeeze. Dear, sweet Edwina.Anthony looked straight at Edwina. Mr. Berbrooke will escort your sister home.

But I can’t, Berbrooke said. Got to finish with the curricle, you know.Where do you live? Anthony snapped.